Absolutely in love with Paris where she lived for 10 years before moving to Oxford with her family, Camille’s brain constantly fizzes with ideas for turning the ordinary into something magical. Her creative genius and imagination are just waiting to breathe A little je ne sais quoi into every detail of your event. Camille specialises in the unconventional, from inspired invitations to decorations-to-die-for and everything in between.


Originally from Hamburg, Sascha is a sophisticated graphic designer, coffee lover and art director, with a touch of professionalism, which renders her absolutely obsessed with details (and shoes). This creative artist never stops, except for craft to make beautiful dream-catching stars with her two inspiring daughters. With the coolness of Bauhaus and the edginess of the German art scene, Sascha will bring something quite unique to your party, simply because she is very unique herself.
Sascha met Camille in Oxford, while organising a leaving party together for a common friend. They quickly became addicted to each other genius and decided to launch a business together to keep their creative partnership on air!

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